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The technology to produce casings for vacuum airships. The basis of the envelope is a grid cell with 8 to 5 cm Grid connected with the threads of inextensible minimum weights and strength at 5000 N. gap Each party and each cell node cells with a force strained spring 2000 N. Spring implemented in the form of "half eight" slightly to flatten galvanized spring wire diameter of 1.6 mm. Outside on the grid akrilom glued nylon fabric. Fabric permeate akrilom, has a minimum weight and withstand the pressure of one atmosphere.Or ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, ETFE. Working pressure inside the envelope half atmosfery. Weight of one square metre envelope of less than one kilogram. Tension Sleeves withstand atmospheric pressure. Its application cheapen cost of construction and the exploitation of airships.The technology to produce casings for vacuum airships.

Sheath vacuum balloon is spherical. The cockpit is shaped pousfery and fixed bottom shell. Bottom holds 4 wing with an adjustable plane. The wings are attached cross. When moving the balloon up and down, adjustable wings attach force in the horizontal direction. When setting coordinates balloon repeatedly moving up and down, using the wings is brought to a predetermined point.


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