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Alternative Energy. Power vacuum.

1) The power of alternative energy. Technology. Power vacuum. On the sunny side of the mountain. At the foot of the mountain. Natural Valley sector covering reinforced transparent material to create a greenhouse. In a narrow sector of installed electric generator. For generatorrom located pipe diameter 8 meters and in height to the top of the mountain. The tube is made of reinforced material carboxylic thread and spring wire.

2) Tubes of the dielectric is placed between the poles of permanent magnets. The length of the magnets 1-2 pm At the end of magnet tubes are divided into two parts. Divided tubes intertwine in a spiral towards each other. Coils placed inside coil of wire. To remove the coil an electrical current. The voltage depends on the difference of water levels at the inlet and outlet of the pipe. In the river there is the necessary number of charged salts. Dividing their magnetic field, the charges flow through pipes. The amount of charges in a single tube is not zero. Electric current is the movement of charged particles.

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