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Production technology devices to search for mushrooms, truffles on the basis of "Electronic nose": The device runs in the form of elegant energomichnoy canes. Below canes at a distance of 10 cm from the end of the holes are located Forced to the air intake. Fan enters the air passes sensor via "electronic nose" and goes through other holes in the middle of canes. The image of intake air smells electronics compares with images truffles smell of electronic memory device. When the coincidence of images issued to the sound and light signals. At this point dug found truffle. The user can save the image into memory truffle smell hits themselves. Increased base of recorded images smells provide the best search truffles in future. Production of electronic devices to search for truffles mushrooms can be made by any registered companies provide good sensitivity "electronic noses" and the beauty and elegance of canes. Electronic device replaces a very expensive trained at finding truffles animals.